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Ray (Jesse) Gordy

Drew (Festus) Hankinson [P]

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Ray (Jesse) Gordy
originality and imagination

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Areas Where Ray (Jesse) Gordy is Creative, Unique, Unstable, or Compulsive:

He is uninhibited and has an outrageous, crazy sense of humor. Ray (Jesse) Gordy loves to get loose and he is often impulsive or "wild". Even if he appears conventional, Ray Gordy is attracted to highly eccentric, creative, or unusual companions. In romantic relationships, Ray (Jesse) Gordy is happiest when there is an element of surprise, unpredictability, and adventure. He may choose unstable love partners.

Ray (Jesse) Gordy has a sensitive physique and may have allergic responses and sensitivities to foods, medicines, or anything he takes in from the environment. Emotional stress and confusion seem to affect Ray Gordy physically, even more quickly than they affect other people.

There was much that was hidden or secret in Ray Gordy's childhood home, and Jesse absorbed a sense of shame or a feeling that he needs to hide and protect who he is from others. One of his parents had an especially intense bond to Ray (Jesse) Gordy and profoundly influenced him, perhaps dominated or controlled him in subtle ways. Unlocking the secrets of the past, and learning to develop intimate and close relationships with others without controlling or being controlled are issues for Ray Gordy.

Ray (Jesse) Gordy has a strong desire to establish himself and be accepted by the world around him. However, if others choose not to accept and follow him, Ray Gordy is likely to go his way regardless.

Emotionally changeable, Ray Gordy tends to have little faith, low spirits, and cannot seem to enjoy himself. Perhaps his early upbringing was filled with feelings of guilt and Ray (Jesse) Gordy was made to behave out of fear of severe punishment.

He is somewhat irritable and has a tendency to lose his temper quickly when he is with other people. Ray (Jesse) Gordy enjoys spontaneous frank discussions with others, but is inclined to become too easily upset or heated with people.

Ray (Jesse) Gordy seems to be quite adventurous and has a strong liking for the unusual. He may be interested in mystical and occult subjects in order to enhance his understanding of the universe.

Ray (Jesse) Gordy tends to underestimate his ability to succeed and is often unable to follow through on his intentions. He is quick to resign, easily drained and should guard against depression and negative mental, emotional or physical reactions.

Ray Gordy seems to have doubts, fears and a general distrust, which inhibit him emotionally. Ray (Jesse) Gordy has a longing for distant places and things that are beyond his reach. Insecurity and lack of belief in himself are apt to cause frequent bouts of depression.

He is very impressionable and prone to seduction or deception in love relationships. Ray (Jesse) Gordy seems to vacillate between unfulfilled and repressed affection and could be somewhat inconsistent in matters of love. Ray (Jesse) Gordy also has to guard against extracurricular affairs.

Because of his emotional need to be in control and dominate others, Ray Gordy's relationships, especially with women, may not always be harmonious. Ray (Jesse) Gordy must try to control his compulsive behavior, or he may end up in relationships with tragic consequences.

At times Ray (Jesse) Gordy may have a sudden desire to influence other people and he is not above using force to accomplish it. But Jesse may periodically find himself under the spell of another person. He is likely to have some exciting experiences through his relationships with other people.

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Uranus in 5th house

Neptune in 6th house

Pluto in 4th house

Uranus Opposition Sun/Asc.

Uranus Conjunct Moon/Saturn

Uranus Opposition Mercury/Asc.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune/Pluto

Neptune Opposition Sun/Saturn

Neptune Opposition Mercury/Saturn

Neptune Conjunct Venus/Pluto

Pluto Opposition Moon/Asc.

Pluto Conjunct Uranus/N. Node


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