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Even-tempered and peace loving, he is not easily ruffled and is rarely given to emotional displays. Fabien Galthiť has a calming effect on more high-strung or volatile people, and an emotional steadiness that others find soothing. Though gentle and not easily provoked, Galthiť is tremendously stubborn and resists any change that requires an emotional adjustment, such as changes in his home life or marriage.

Fabien Galthiť seeks security and loyalty in love relationships, is extremely devoted to his loved ones and provides a warm, nurturing atmosphere for them. However, Galthiť tends to cling to others and prevent them from changing.

A great deal of physical affection, closeness and touching is crucial to Fabien's well-being, and he has a tendency to overindulge in sensual comforts and pleasures. At times Fabien Galthiť substitutes food for emotional comfort and love.

Though he yearns for close relationships, Fabien Galthiť often closes himself off and does not really trust others who may wish to get to know him. Galthiť is very wholehearted in his feelings and responses to people, and he wants all or nothing from the people he cares for.

No matter how he appears on the surface, Fabien Galthiť has a very soft heart and others can always appeal to Fabien's sympathetic, affectionate side. He especially cares about the needs of children, mothers and families, and he wants a love partner who values marriage, home and family as much as he does. Galthiť is profoundly offended by unkindness or harshness.

He is prone to be overly indulgent, overly permissive, overly generous and disinclined to budget or diet or set reasonable limits for himself or others. Subconsciously Fabien Galthiť feels entitled to bounty, and sees no reason to be deprived. At his worst, Galthiť can be greedy but insatiable, and addicted to "the good life". However, if other factors in his chart indicate a capacity for discipline and prudence, there is a positive side to Fabien's emotional indulgence - Galthiť tends to be quite charitable and tolerant, freely giving and willing to embrace others despite their shortcomings.

There is another side to Fabien Galthiť as well, a rather introverted, self-contained, even pessimistic side which tempers his good cheer and generosity, as discussed below.

Serious and emotionally reserved, Fabien Galthiť was probably never an exuberant, playful child, and he rarely expresses himself in a spontaneous, childlike manner. He is cautious about letting others get close to him and sometimes withdraws from people altogether. At times, Fabien Galthiť feels lonely or isolated, even when he is with people. Learning to appreciate his own company and find satisfying solitary activities is essential to Fabien's emotional well-being.

In addition to Fabien's rather introverted, serious or self-contained side, he has a wild streak and urge for emotional freedom that breaks through erratically. Fabien Galthiť craves both stability and excitement, and the conflict between these two impulses can make Galthiť rather tense and irritable. However, they can also balance each other out. His freer and unpredictable side will now be described.

Fabien Galthiť tends to have strange quirks, idiosyncrasies or domestic habits, and he may feel that he does not fit in with "normal" people. These could be endearing eccentricities, or truly outlandish tastes and behavior. Establishing a steady routine and rhythm in his life and relationships would be very beneficial but may not be easily achieved. Ideally Fabien Galthiť could create a unique lifestyle that affords him a lot of personal space, freedom and flexibility to follow his own somewhat erratic rhythms - yet at the same time provides him with a modicum of order and consistency. There is also a current of emotional discontent or restlessness within Fabien that may be reflected in unstable personal relationships of the on again/off again variety. Fabien Galthiť craves change and excitement whether he realizes it consciously or not.

Highly sensitive and rather easily taken in, Fabien Galthiť needs to beware of deceiving himself and allowing others to take advantage of his impressionability or gentleness. Daydreaming, fantasizing or other forms of imaginative, escapist behavior (such as watching television excessively or living his life through romance novels) could be something of an addiction for Galthiť. Fabien Galthiť tends to confuse images with reality and needs to learn to be more circumspect and discriminating. Disenchantment with women and close relationships could ensue as a result.

His thinking is dictated by his feelings and Galthiť may rely on his intuitions and impressions rather than practical means. His advice may often be sought and heeded, because Fabien Galthiť seems to know and understand what motivates others.

He is hard-working and tends to work till he collapses. Forceful and aggressive, Fabien Galthiť comes on strong and has a tendency to be abusive when frustrated. Galthiť must learn to relax in order to avoid suffering total emotional or physical exhaustion.

His sense of reality is a bit weak; Galthiť tends to daydream and lose himself in his plans. He is likely to be preoccupied with fantasies or ideas that help him escape the ordinary. Always looking for ideal relationships, Fabien may be drawn to philanthropic associations.

He is very impressionable and extremely sensitive to his surroundings. Fabien may be especially sensitive to noise as well as bright lights and sunshine. Fabien Galthiť may also want to learn about the deeper dimensions of life, the occult or mystical things.

His love feelings and desires are easily aroused but he may find it difficult to sustain his romantic interest in relationships after the initial, exciting "chase and conquest". Fabien Galthiť enjoys a dynamic partner with a strong independent streak, and he does not like things to become too peaceful or predictable in the love arena. Fabien wants to see sparks fly once in awhile, even if it means instigating a fight.

Fabien Galthiť craves very intense, deep, emotional relationships, and would even prefer stormy, tumultuous relationships to ones that are calm but lack vitality and passion. Fabien loves wholeheartedly and expects all-consuming, total devotion and attention from his partner. Casual, light relationships hold no appeal for Galthiť.

Intimacy does not come easily to Fabien Galthiť and he may appear cold or unfeeling to others due to his emotional reserve and caution. Perhaps due to painful relationships and separations in his early life, Galthiť does not trust others very easily and it takes a long time to break down all of his barriers and defenses. He may feel that he has few friends or people that really care about him. Fabien Galthiť needs to learn to value and love himself more and to express his appreciation for others more openly.

It is absolutely essential for Fabien Galthiť not to deceive himself when it comes to love relationships, romance, or the true nature of others. Fabien tends to be in love with love, and can be incredibly naive and easily seduced. Confusion, disappointments, and regrettable mistakes in both emotional and financial matters may ensue. On the other hand, it is also possible that Fabien Galthiť will use his attractiveness or charm to deceive others. Clarity, directness, honesty and realism regarding romantic relationships and people in general need to be developed.

He may be subject to periodic changes of mood, is serious, somewhat somber, and he seems to lack confidence in himself and could have trouble giving of his. Fabien Galthiť tends to avoid close relationships, expecting to be disappointed if he lets anyone come too close.

He is likely to have very strange experiences in love relationships. Fabien Galthiť is inclined to fantasize a lot about love and seems to admire the unattainable. Strongly attracted to the spiritual dimensions of life, he may pursue the study of mystical and occult subjects.

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