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Deepak Chopra

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Deepak Chopra

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Good grief! I agree with Deepak Chopra

Who kidnapped Deepak Chopra, and where have they hidden him? Normally, Deepak Chopra's contributions to HuffPo and other forums have been unadulterated woo; pure mystical New Age claptrap.

Seven spiritual laws of success

Iinteresting parallels for business world. It doesn't matter whether you're a spiritual person, when you look at Deepak Chopra's book Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and compare them with entrepreneurial ...

Deepak Chopra: Genes at the Crossroads

For years the general public has been receiving optimistic predictions about how genetic research will change everyday life.

New book by Chopra pushes old heresies

Deepak Chopra's latest best-selling book carries the wrong title. Instead of "The Third Jesus" it should be called "The 1,000th or 10,000th Jesus." Why? Because that is just about how many times a book like ...

Deepak Chopra: Genes at the Crossroads

For years the general public has been receiving optimistic predictions about how genetic research will change everyday life.

Roy Masters' Science

I've listened to Roy Masters for many hours on talk radio and have blogged about him before on a few widely read posts .

16% The Love Guru

The Love Guru features far too many gross-out gags, and too few earned laughs, ranking as one of Mike Myers' poorest outings.

Paul B. Farrell: Ten rules for investor optimism, based on spiritual principles

You're sitting before your boss, silently praying for a raise, when he says: "If we give you more money, Edgar, what assurances does the company have that it will make you a better human being?" Another great ...

00:00 Get in touch with your soul -- a snip at 1,700

Guru Deepak Chopra offers enlightenment and inner joy for a bargain price, writes Victoria Mary Clarke Sunday June 22 2008 I am not normally in awe of famous people, because in my fabulously exciting life as a ...

Mike 'Love Guru' Myers would love to be in a Bollywood film

New York, June 19 : Mike Myers, the star and writer of the controversial comedy "The Love Guru", which opens Friday in North America, has said that he would "love to be in a Bollywood film". Talking to the ...

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