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Thelma Morgan-Furness
drive and ambition

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Viscountess Furness is proud and ambitious and she strives to excel, stand out and be recognized for who and what she is. Thelma Morgan-Furness has a very dominant ego and likes to be Number One. Thelma Morgan finds it difficult to take orders from others or to stay in the background, and she hates being wrong; Thelma Morgan-Furness always insists that she is right!

She is forceful, strong, energetic, determined and highly competitive. Thelma Morgan-Furness plays hard, plays to win and does not give up easily. In fact, she sees life as a competitive sport or performance. Thelma Morgan loves admiration and applause, and she has a strong sense of personal honor and integrity. Thelma Morgan-Furness tends to be very self-confident, even arrogant. Because of her self-confidence, Thelma Morgan is able to accomplish a great deal, but if her confidence is ever undermined, Thelma Morgan-Furness becomes self-conscious, defensive and rather belligerent.

She is a doer and an achiever. Energetic, courageous, and often impatient, Thelma Morgan-Furness will forge ahead with her plans regardless of the reservations of others. In fact, Viscountess Furness often feels other people get in her way and she prefers to work on her own. Thelma Morgan is active, assertive and rather competitive as well.

She is enterprising, ambitious and has a strong desire to succeed in a big way. Forever on the lookout for new opportunities and promising new ventures, Thelma Morgan-Furness is willing to take risks if she senses a winner. No matter how much Thelma Morgan accomplishes, she never seems to be completely satisfied. Thelma Morgan-Furness always feels that she can do more, and sets her sights on another goal. Thelma Morgan-Furness feels frustrated in limited circumstances, and she will abandon secure and reasonably successful situations if they do not offer challenges and future growth potential. Viscountess Furness likes to keep stretching her limits, to see how far she can go. Sometimes Viscountess Furness overextends herself or promises more than she can actually achieve, due to an overly optimistic or confident assessment of her own capacities. Thelma Morgan-Furness relishes healthy competition and feels that it spurs her on to even greater achievements.

She is inclined to be a tyrant and wants other people to submit to her wishes. In Thelma Morgan's drive to gain power, she could be ruthless and brutal at times. On the other hand, Thelma Morgan-Furness may have to struggle to resist being placed in someone else's hand and power.

Viscountess Furness dedicates herself wholeheartedly to a cause, makes a great deal of sacrifices and does away with superfluous activities and interests. Others find her approach too severe and are unwilling to go along with Thelma Morgan-Furness under the difficult circumstances that she is willing to tolerate. Her determination and capacity for self-denial often help Viscountess Furness get through the rough spots and achieve the goal she is aiming for.

Her ambition and/or role in life involve communication, conveying messages, writing or speaking, languages, or being an intermediary. Sometimes Thelma Morgan-Furness may feel that she has to work harder than others to get the word out or receive public recognition. "Work smarter, not harder" should be her motto.

Her drives and ambitions in life may seem crazy or eccentric to the more conservative people Thelma Morgan knows. There may well be no security or safety net (no retirement pension, no insurance benefits) in the work Thelma Morgan-Furness is engaged in. She is suited for freelancing, or professions that involve lots of change, innovation, variety, irregular schedules and the like. Thelma Morgan-Furness should expect the unexpected and numerous ups and downs throughout her life. She may change courses often and try many different things.

In some ways Thelma Morgan-Furness may feel that she has little choice about her role in society. She is compelled either by unusual external circumstances or by an inner drive, to bring potentially dark, difficult, or taboo issues into public awareness. Thelma Morgan delves into the hidden side of life - things which may have been purposefully concealed or repressed - and sheds light on them. Thelma Morgan-Furness could come into direct conflict with the authorities or powers-that-be as a result. She is apt to have extraordinary ambitions, and could also become overly zealous and fanatical.

Thelma Morgan-Furness' profession is likely to involve children, women, consulting or nourishing, or she is likely to use her nurturing, emotional, childlike qualities to appeal to the public in some way. Thelma Morgan-Furness does well in any business that involves responding to people's emotional needs and tastes.

Thelma Morgan-Furness has a desire to teach other people what she knows and may be interested in a career that serves the public through some educational programs. She is a very stimulating companion, but wants to be the central figure in discussions.

Thelma Morgan-Furness comes across like a respectable person who may give the impression of being unapproachable. Thelma Morgan has a strong desire to establish herself; she wants to acquire property, a fortune, as well as a status symbol.

She is quite restless and indefatigable in the pursuit of her objectives. Thelma Morgan-Furness is only satisfied with maximum results and fights to the last moment. However some of her endeavors could be a bit daring, and her aims a bit high.

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