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Serious and responsible, she tries to carry the world on her shoulders and rarely lets others know that she needs help and support. Thelma Morgan-Furness denies or ignores her own emotional needs and feels that others will not accept her if she appears "weak". She is especially uncomfortable with emotional dependency, and tells herself and others (even children) not to be a "baby". Thelma Morgan-Furness needs to accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time, and to be gentler with her "childish" emotional needs and wants. To others, she may appear to be rather hard-nosed and tough, with a businesslike attitude toward their personal concerns and feelings. Actually, no one is a truer friend. Her feelings and loyalties run deep, but she often does not let people know how much she cares. Thelma Morgan-Furness also sometimes needs to learn to relax, enjoy herself, and play.

Viscountess Furness depends a great deal upon other people for emotional support and she has a large "family" of friends who care about her and treat her as kin. The women in Thelma Morgan's life are particularly important to her, and her relationships with them have a powerful impact on her sense of security and happiness. Thelma Morgan-Furness may be overly dependent and unsure of herself without a close partner.

Thelma Morgan-Furness has a buoyant, cheerful disposition and she reaches out to others in a warm, open and friendly way. Her emotional generosity and lack of pettiness is well known among her circle of friends, and people often seek Thelma Morgan out for help, sympathy or advice. Thelma Morgan-Furness is always willing to overlook others' faults, and she sometimes overdoes her charitableness.

Thelma Morgan-Furness tends to be a loner and is inclined to suppress her feelings. Other people think they know Thelma Morgan, but they never really do. At times she may withdraw too much and may alienate others. Thelma Morgan-Furness is also somewhat biased and may be torn by inner conflicts.

She is hot-tempered and tends to get annoyed and angered easily. Very competitive, Thelma Morgan-Furness is always willing to take on any challenge. Tact and diplomacy are not of her strong points and Thelma Morgan must learn to master her irritability and quarrelsomeness.

She is quietly devoted and faithful to her loved ones and often becomes subservient to her love partner. Thelma Morgan-Furness is more comfortable showing her love by doing or making something for her loved one, or simply being there for her, rather than by making any romantic, soul-stirring declarations. She is timid about expressing too much sentiment or emotion. Thelma Morgan-Furness also underestimates her attractiveness and lovability and doubts her own worthiness of love and appreciation.

Beautiful, elegant and harmonious surroundings are very important to Thelma Morgan-Furness, and she has an innate sense of style, design and form. Socially as well good form and politeness are important to Viscountess Furness and she instinctively avoids crudeness and dissonance.

She enjoys talking about love, relationships, art and the beautiful side of life. Thelma Morgan-Furness appreciates artistic people.

Thelma Morgan-Furness has a good understanding of her own needs but also is genuinely interested in other people. Others are attracted to Viscountess Furness because of her gentle, kind and friendly manner and she may feel especially drawn to young people.

Her nature is harmonious and Thelma Morgan radiates happiness so that everyone around her will be in good spirits. Her taste is likely to be elegant and she has a strong desire to surround herself with beauty. Thelma Morgan-Furness may be interested in fashion, hair-styling or other beauty-related fields.

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