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Sheila E

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Pop icons at 50: Prince

Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson were turning the music world upside down in the '80s. This summer, they're turning 50.

The Glamorous Life - Sheila E.

Sheila was one of the more successful of the numerous young "ye-ye" girls to enjoy success with cheerfully insipid pop/rock in France in the early and mid-'60s. As little of her extensive discography is easy to ...

Sheila E: All in the family

Sheila E was coming to Minnesota for a wedding this weekend so she decided to bring her family band along -- not to play at her godson's reception but to do a rare club engagement.

Daily Dish

"The idea is that we live in the museum as their guests, and at the same time we are hosting lice on our heads"

Prince brought down the sonic purple rain on the second day of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Saturday night. via Calgary Herald

Continue reading "Coachella Days 2&3" here

"The Glamorous Life", before ever launching into one of his own hits. A hits-heavy set that included "1999", "Controversy"

DAY TWO: With dirty feet and sore muscles - and perhaps a touch of heatstroke - I wanted to be able to tell you that Prince was awful. via New York Press

Highlights from Coachella

"It was like Harry Potter going to Hogwarts and we were all going to disappear and go to this special festival"

The ninth edition of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has ended, but the production was the biggest yet, from Roger Waters' massive stage props to Prince backing up Sheila E. and Morris Day. via The Press-Enterprise

Prince plays past curfew

"You are at the coolest place on Earth tonight."

Coachella officials have been trying to get Prince to their party since 1999. That was when Paul Tollett co-founded Coachella and struggled to make it to 2001. via Desert Sun

Conga Room to Offer ''One-Stop'' Latin Destination with Scheduled Fall 08 Launch at L.A. Live

"The Latin music scene has remained largely fragmented"

Now, as it readies to reopen its doors this fall, the new Conga Room is poised to reclaim its position as the preeminent Latin music venue. via PR-inside.com

FABTV: Sheila E "Love Bizarre"

It's quite possibly the best of the old-school hip-hop genre movies, and stars Sheila E, the guys of Run-DMC, the Fat Boys, and New Edition. via Fabsugar

The Glamorous Life - Sheila E.

Sheila was one of the more successful of the numerous young "ye-ye" girls to enjoy success with cheerfully insipid pop/rock in France in the early and mid-'60s. As little of her extensive discography is easy to ... via WLIT-FM Chicago

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