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Mary Leakey
drive and ambition

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She is serious about her ambitions, as well as disciplined, dedicated, and tenacious in pursuing her objectives. Her drive and energy are directed toward practical material accomplishments and concrete results. Mary Leakey also strives to be in a position of authority and social influence; she enjoys being in command.

Mary Leakey is hard-working and capable of foregoing immediate comfort in order to achieve her long-range goals. Leakey can easily become a workaholic and is very responsible and conscientious about doing a thorough job.

Realistic and pragmatic, she is an excellent strategist. Mary Leakey achieves success by formulating a conservative and workable plan and seeing it through. She is not a gambler when it comes to attaining her goals; Leakey depends on her own efforts and perseverance rather than good fortune. Mary Leakey has a natural shrewdness and instinct for business or organizational management.

Mary Leakey meets numerous challenges and possibly defeats in pursuit of her goals and desires, and her setbacks often occur because Mary has been too rash or intent on working her own will regardless of the impact on others. Mary Leakey is intense and passionate, and simply does not know when to stop sometimes! Recklessness with others can be a problem for Leakey.

Unless she has a goal that transcends merely personal gain, Mary Leakey is apt to become deeply discontented, aimless and uncertain of her direction in life. At her best, Mary Leakey will work or fight for a greater cause, and feel fulfilled through serving the greater good. However, should she lack the necessary focus, Leakey could be confused and easily persuaded to do things that are either unethical or simply ineffectual.

Freedom is very important to Mary Leakey and she will work hard to get it. Quick to act, she wants to realize her goals immediately. Mary Leakey has a strong desire to make her fortune in life and tends to take chances with speculative ventures or gambling.

Leakey is able to do her work and take responsibility for overcoming her own problems and challenges in life, while at the same time being open to spiritual comfort, aid and guidance. A good balance between being well-grounded and being receptive to spirit or the inner world is working in Mary's favor. Enjoying simplicity and cultivating peace enable Mary Leakey to evolve and to work through her challenges.

Positions of honor, affluence, influence, and stature in her community can be hers. Mary Leakey feels she has a destiny which involves leadership or distinguishing herself in some line of endeavor. Mary possesses an innate sense of greatness or importance, and a strong drive to achieve recognition for her talent. Mary Leakey should avoid excessive egotism and arrogant pride, for these could limit her opportunities.

Mary Leakey is apt to receive much publicity and popularity through her professional pursuits, for she has a way of winning the hearts and trust of many people. Mary has an instinct for what the masses of people will respond to emotionally, and this feeling-sense of what other people want enables her to succeed in sales, promotion, and so on. Her career could also involve protecting and caring for people, and nurturing them in some capacity.

Language, words, communication, networking, clarity of speech or writing, being a messenger or go-between - these are key features in her career, as well as how Mary Leakey goes about achieving her goals and ambitions. "Work smarter, not harder" is Leakey's motto.

Mary has confidence in herself and a healthy self-assured attitude. She makes up her own mind and has a clear idea of where she is headed. Mary Leakey does not feel the need for recognition from others, but is likely to receive recognition anyway.

Mary Leakey has a lot of energy and is determined and ambitious in the pursuit of her goals. But she has a tendency to change her aims or objectives frequently, is quite restless, and always ready and excited to start something new.

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