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Gregg Araki
drive and ambition

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Araki is aspiring, enterprising and forever following a bright and distant star, planning some new venture or investigating new potential. He is definitely "upwardly mobile" in either a material or spiritual sense. Gregg Araki aims high and is not content with a mere quiet, secure existence. Gregg likes to stretch his limits, see how far he can go and take risks. He is a positive thinker, expects success for himself, and is philosophical about failures. Araki is flexible and he bounces back from disappointments rather quickly, usually with another hopeful new idea he wants to try. His enthusiasm and confidence are contagious and enable Gregg Araki to enlist the aid and support he needs for his projects. However, Gregg Araki sometimes promises more than he can actually achieve, because he is overly optimistic or pays insufficient attention to the practicalities involved.

He also tends to get distracted and to have too many things going on at once. Although it is very difficult for him, there are times when Gregg Araki simply must cultivate commitment, perseverance and persistence in order to make his dreams and goals reality. Too often Gregg Araki falls short of what he could attain because he is unwilling to persist through the difficult or less exciting times.

Gregg Araki also enjoys competition and usually does not take it too seriously. Sports and entrepreneurial endeavors are good ways to channel Gregg's energy.

Araki plays vigorously and enjoys competitive games and physical rough-and-tumble activities. Athletics and/or physical activities have great appeal for him. Gregg Araki takes the initiative in sports and also in romantic relationships: he is ardent in pursuing anything he desires.

Gregg Araki has a positive, "can-do" attitude and he tackles life's challenges with relish. He is self-confident and has a strong will to succeed, to see how much he can do and how far he can go. No matter what Araki accomplishes, he does not rest on his laurels. Gregg wants to keep on going, to do even bigger things. He is proactive, enterprising and enthusiastic about new projects. He is not happy in situations that do not offer him challenges and the potential for future growth - no matter how secure or satisfactory they may seem in other respects. He enjoys competition, but Gregg Araki competes mostly with himself, to see how much of his vision and potential he can really achieve. He makes a good leader, inspiring courage and confidence in others. Gregg Araki usually enjoys good health and a high level of vitality.

Gregg Araki has a powerful will and when he wants something, he pursues it passionately and relentlessly until he achieves it. He may be so driven by his desire that he loses all objectivity. Gregg Araki often becomes compulsive, even obsessed, with doing or achieving something, no matter what the costs or how hard he must work for it. His forcefulness may be veiled or subtle, for often Araki does not reveal his real aims and intentions to others until they cross him. Intense power struggles and relationships with a strong dominance/submissiveness theme are likely to erupt. Gregg Araki has enormous energy reserves, and is capable of extraordinary effort and great achievement if he uses his energies for constructive purposes.

Araki is able to combine his vision with sharp perception and intellect, and therefore his actions are guided by common sense. Gregg has great verbal ability and the gift of inserting his comments at the right time, but he may find it hard to stop talking.

Gregg Araki tends to be on the defensive and fears rejection in love relationships. There could be a violent streak in Araki and he is inclined to be rather jealous. Because of his strong sense of duty Gregg may also sacrifice his own happiness for others.

Gregg Araki strives to be in the public eye and may live by the motto "work brings distinction". Gregg Araki has a positive attitude towards his family and his career and is able to work independently as well as with his colleagues in successful team-work.

Araki dedicates himself wholeheartedly to a cause, makes a great deal of sacrifices and does away with superfluous activities and interests. Others find his approach too severe and are unwilling to go along with Gregg Araki under the difficult circumstances that he is willing to tolerate. His determination and capacity for self-denial often help Araki get through the rough spots and achieve the goal he is aiming for.

Araki is able to do his work and take responsibility for overcoming his own problems and challenges in life, while at the same time being open to spiritual comfort, aid and guidance. A good balance between being well-grounded and being receptive to spirit or the inner world is working in Gregg's favor. Enjoying simplicity and cultivating peace enable Gregg Araki to evolve and to work through his challenges.

Araki may seem to have a magically easy road to success and public recognition. Doors open for Gregg Araki and opportunities abound. He may have more offers than he can follow up on. Mostly this is due to a positive and generous attitude on his part. Gregg's ambitions in life may have a spiritual component - based on a concern for social betterment or humanitarian ideals.

Innovation, discovery, originality, experimentation, and opening up new channels of understanding are important aspects of his life's work. Araki's ambitions in life, as well as the way he achieves those goals, are unique or "alternative". Concerned with future trends and the new, Gregg Araki is apt to be ahead of his time in many respects.

Gregg has good foresight, a great sense of purpose in his work, and the ability to cope with any situation. Having a great vocabulary enables Araki to come up with the right words at the right time. Gregg Araki seems to speak with wisdom and others heed what he says.

Gregg Araki appears to be a friendly host to everyone and knows how to create a pleasant atmosphere in his surroundings. His feelings of love are very deep and Gregg is likely to have a loving family and a home filled with happiness.

Optimistic and adaptable, Gregg Araki knows how to take advantage of opportunities and may find and apply unconventional methods to the solution of problems. Gregg likes variety and change and has a very good understanding of things.

Gregg Araki tends to be somewhat pessimistic and may frequently feel frustrated and depressed. Others may try to hold Gregg back in the attainment of his objectives, and success may come to him slowly but steady.

Gregg Araki strives to be at one with others, but somehow is not able to synchronize his feelings or viewpoints with them. Feeling disappointed, Gregg may prefer a life in seclusion and away from other people.

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