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Camilla Parker-Bowles responds very much to the emotional tone and atmosphere around her, and can be dominated by her fluctuating and unpredictable moods. Parker-Bowles often appears irrational to others because she cannot always explain the reason or source of her feelings. Anyone who lives with Camilla Parker-Bowles must accept her ups and downs and appreciate Camilla's need for times of withdrawal.

Camilla Parker-Bowles is also very sympathetic and understands the unspoken feelings and needs of others. Camilla Parker-Bowles takes slights and rebuffs very personally and though she may forgive a transgression by a friend or loved one, she never forgets it.

Her own feelings and emotions are something of an enigma to Camilla, and it is often difficult for her to share with others what she is feeling.

Camilla Parker-Bowles frequently withdraws from contact with the world, and needs a healing, peaceful environment in order to blossom and come out of hers.

Parker-Bowles identifies with the oppressed, disenfranchised or underdog in any situation and she wants to help them or care for them in some way.

No matter how she appears on the surface, Camilla Parker-Bowles has a very soft heart and others can always appeal to Camilla's sympathetic, affectionate side. She especially cares about the needs of children, mothers, and families, and she wants a love partner who values marriage, home, and family as much as she does. Unkindness or harshness offends Parker-Bowles very much.

She is a dreamer, attracted to the inner, mystical side of life, and may have trouble distinguishing the real from the imagined or illusory. Camilla does not enjoy confrontation and becomes very evasive when problems in her personal life or relationships arise, escaping into her imagination in order to avoid dealing with them directly. She is also rather gullible and naive about people, especially if her sympathy has been aroused. Camilla Parker-Bowles is very sensitive to music and can use it to bring herself into emotional balance and harmony.

Emotionally excitable, Parker-Bowles tends to act impulsively and make rash decisions without thinking of the consequences. Others may see Camilla as an eccentric, somewhat selfish and unpredictable. Camilla Parker-Bowles seems to attract sudden upsetting experiences.

Her will tends to be a bit weak and she seems to lack courage. Somewhat slow to take action, Camilla Parker-Bowles thinks that she will fail because of her inadequacies as a person. She keeps her feelings to herself and should guard against depression and pessimism.

Camilla Parker-Bowles seems to float above reality and has a very intense imagination. Camilla likes to daydream and is apt to have many wishes and illusions that rarely have a chance to materialize. She is guided by her feelings and seems to live in a world of her own.

Sensitive and sentimental, Camilla Parker-Bowles is deeply attached to her family, old friends, familiar places, and the past. She is romantic and tender in love relationships, and the remembrance of birthdays, anniversaries, family rituals, and other days of personal significance is very important to Parker-Bowles. Camilla Parker-Bowles seeks caring, emotional support, and security in her love relationships. Camilla likes to be needed, to cherish and protect her loved ones, and she is somewhat possessive of them.

Camilla Parker-Bowles often hides her affection, or finds her feelings difficult to express or get across to the person she loves. Being openly affectionate and trusting often does not seem safe to Camilla. She may feel her love will not be appreciated or reciprocated. Camilla Parker-Bowles may get involved in secret love relationships or fall in love with a person who is quite unavailable to her. Love and sacrifice often seem to go hand in hand for Camilla Parker-Bowles - having to give something up to be with the one she loves, or having to relinquish some person or some aspect of an important love relationship.

Camilla Parker-Bowles has a very romantic, idealistic vision of love and may be disillusioned to discover that no real, flesh and blood human being ever quite lives up to her dream image of the "perfect love". Though Camilla frequently fantasizes about love-relationships and romance she may avoid becoming intimately involved with anyone or making definite commitments. Parker-Bowles can be evasive and dishonest with herself and others, when it comes to love. Some of her love yearnings may be expressed through art, music, or an involvement with mysticism.

It may be hard for Camilla Parker-Bowles to love someone and to express her love for them. There seems to be a wall built up between her and others and she seems very cool to them. Her disposition is very reserved and withdrawn, making it difficult for people to approach her.

Camilla Parker-Bowles has a very erotic and sexual nature and may often find herself drawn to another person by a kind of inner compulsion. Parker-Bowles could become quite obsessed by someone and she has a tendency to control and manipulate her relationships.

Others may get the impression that Camilla Parker-Bowles considers personal relationships not very important, as she may pretend to have feelings for someone when she really does not. Camilla Parker-Bowles would make a very good actor playing the part of a lover.

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