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Zoran Djindjic takes his personal relationships so seriously that they may seem more like work, constant effort and compromise, rather than a free and enjoyable sharing experience. He may feel that relationships in general require more of him than they are worth, and Zoran enters into any close relationship cautiously and conscientiously. Zoran Djindjic also fears entrapment in close relationships.

Djindjic is generally not a "joiner" and he does not feel comfortable in clubs, organizations or other groups of people that are centered on some common ideal or interest. If Zoran Djindjic does participate in a group, he may find the rules and procedures restrictive - or he may simply feel that he does not fit in with the others.

Being alone or with older, more experienced people suits Zoran Djindjic better than being with groups of his own peers.

Zoran may find it difficult to express himself, thereby feeling inhibited and lonely at times. He tends to isolate himself from others and his relationships come across as strained. Conditions in Zoran Djindjic's parental home may be oppressive and strained.

His emotional life is likely to be somewhat strained and he has a tendency toward pessimism. Zoran Djindjic may not feel as close in his relationships to his loved ones as he would like to, and Zoran may find it difficult to give and receive love.

Now we will discuss patterns of behavior which Zoran Djindjic instinctively and habitually reverts to when under stress - a mostly subconscious process that he is apt to over indulge in because it is so familiar and hence easy for him. The direction Zoran Djindjic needs to follow in order to develop balance, greater awareness, and wholeness is also described.

Zoran Djindjic's path lies in cultivating idealism and humanitarian feelings, being concerned with how Djindjic's actions impact the world at large, perhaps becoming more aware of the social implications of Djindjic's life style and personal choices or becoming active politically. Participating in organizations that support Djindjic's ideals is one way to do this.

When under stress he is likely to become overly focused on himself and his own little world.

Instead of "how will this benefit or hurt me?" Djindjic's focus needs to shift to "how will this affect us all?".

Ideally, Zoran Djindjic needs to strike a balance between doing for himself and doing for others, by discovering how Djindjic's unique gifts can benefit others.

It is in trying to strike a balance between Djindjic's inner, personal life and his career or involvement with the world at large that he is most likely to wrestle with these issues. Zoran Djindjic needs to focus attention on his home and family situation, and create a secure inner anchor.

The specific habits which are likely to hold Zoran Djindjic back, or which he is prone to overdo, especially during stressful periods, include:

The tendency for self-indulgence, laziness, and over-reliance on the generosity or affection of others, as well as making love relationships, social life and superficial pleasures more important than anything else in his life.

Staying in relationships with domineering, controlling, abusive people or being manipulative. Zoran sometimes abuses his own power to use others to his own selfish ends.

Djindjic makes a big impression on everyone he meets and has the ability to attract many people. Others find Zoran Djindjic very fascinating and he is likely to see himself as their model in groups or associations.

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