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Yves Allégret
drive and ambition

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He is serious about his ambitions, as well as disciplined, dedicated, and tenacious in pursuing his objectives. His drive and energy are directed toward practical material accomplishments and concrete results. Yves Allégret also strives to be in a position of authority and social influence; he enjoys being in command.

Yves Allégret is hard-working and capable of foregoing immediate comfort in order to achieve his long-range goals. Allégret can easily become a workaholic and is very responsible and conscientious about doing a thorough job.

Realistic and pragmatic, he is an excellent strategist. Yves Allégret achieves success by formulating a conservative and workable plan and seeing it through. He is not a gambler when it comes to attaining his goals; Allégret depends on his own efforts and perseverance rather than good fortune. Yves Allégret has a natural shrewdness and instinct for business or organizational management.

It is not easy for Yves Allégret to show the world at large his angry or competitive side, but his family sees this side of his more often. Temper tantrums, tumultuous family relationships, or a great deal of competition between Allégret and one or more of his relations is likely. Yves Allégret likes to be the one in charge in his home and he puts a lot of energy into making it the way he wants it.

While Yves Allégret enjoys challenging himself to extend his abilities or try new activities, he is apt to bite off more than he can chew. Failures or accidents due to overestimating his prowess or capacities and being overly eager and poorly prepared, may result. Fortunately these disappointments or blunders do not dampen Yves' spirits or his ambitions permanently; he has a lot of resilience and optimism. Most likely Yves Allégret will need to develop his physical coordination and sense of timing in order to do some of the activities he dreams of doing.

Dynamic, self-willed, and fiercely independent, he has extraordinary drive and energy. When Yves Allégret wants something, he wants it this very minute, and he acts quickly, impulsively and decisively. His impatience inclines Yves Allégret to be abrupt with people and reckless. He needs a great deal of personal freedom to do things in his own way and does not happily conform to schedules, rules or regimes imposed by others. He is intolerant of authority and can be very rebellious. He is very frank with others, sometimes brutally so. Yves Allégret may have an explosive temper. High-strung and often nervous and tense, Yves finds it difficult to slow down, pace himself or relax. Yves Allégret is always on the go. He is restless, daring and experimental.

Allégret lives his life to the fullest in a deeply loving and exciting way. Strongly instinctive, he acts by the dictates of his feelings. Yves Allégret radiates emotional balance and is sensitive, tactful and naturally friendly.

He makes no effort to hide his feelings and therefore gives others the impression of being moody. Home and family oriented, Yves Allégret has strong relationships with his relatives. Yves wants to be in first place and is not afraid to let his voice be heard.

Allégret dedicates himself wholeheartedly to a cause, makes a great deal of sacrifices and does away with superfluous activities and interests. Others find his approach too severe and are unwilling to go along with Yves Allégret under the difficult circumstances that he is willing to tolerate. His determination and capacity for self-denial often help Allégret get through the rough spots and achieve the goal he is aiming for.

Yves has an extraordinary drive for power and influence in the world, which can be used for good or ill, for his own personal aggrandizement or for achieving some wider aim.

Yves Allégret could be a channel for healing, transforming, revivifying energies in society or in individuals. His work will involve stimulating deep, fundamental changes and bringing to light hidden, taboo, repressed, or secret information and knowledge.

Yves Allégret tends to want to take the easy road to success, and unless other factors in his chart suggest a capacity for effort or a lot of energy, laziness could interfere with achieving whatever ambitions Allégret has. He tends to gain his objectives through his personal charm and appeal. Yves Allégret also possesses a fine aesthetic sense which could be a prominent factor in his career.

Happiness and fulfillment in Yves' career are likely, because he gives his all to it and will not make the sorts of compromises that others feel compelled to make in order to succeed. Self-expression and being his own person are very important to Allégret.

Enormous aid is apt to come to Yves Allégret through his father or another important man in his life. His relationships with superiors and those in a position to boost his career are usually excellent.

Fluidity of speech and thought, and using intellectual gifts or communicative skills to achieve his ambitions in life are featured. Convincing, selling, persuading, reasoning, bringing ideas into public awareness are also part of Allégret's professional life.

Discipline, concentration, a realistic sense of what is attainable, and steady dedication to achieving his ambitions are the keys to Yves' progress. Yves Allégret is apt to move slowly but constantly in the direction of his goals, and solid achievement is the outcome of this conservative approach.

Yves Allégret seems to lack confidence in himself and worries about being compromised or exposed. He may feel that he is unable to defend himself and tends to withdraw from close relationships. It is more important to Yves to do the right thing than to be popular.

He is strongly attached to his home and family, and harmony in his surroundings and relationships is important to him. Having a good sense of team work, Yves Allégret has a strong desire to feel complete oneness with people around him.

Yves has the ability to concentrate, but he is inclined to be wrapped up entirely in his own ideas. Although he has a tendency to think too much, Yves Allégret thinks out the consequences of his actions ahead of time and learns the lessons well from his experiences.

A big dreamer, Yves Allégret loves comfort and is likely to promote human welfare. But Allégret could be somewhat of a fortune-hunter, likes to speculate, and has a tendency to squander his money. Yves Allégret is always hopeful and does not take life too seriously.

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