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Shanna Ferrigno
drive and ambition

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She is a "busy bee" - energetic, restless, and forever on the go. Her active mind is always buzzing with ideas and Shanna sometimes finds it difficult to relax, slow down or take the time to reflect and regroup. Shanna Ferrigno tends to live on nervous energy. She can accomplish a great deal in short bursts, but projects that require long-term commitment, stamina and steady, persistent effort are not easy for Ferrigno. Shanna Ferrigno often scatters her energies into so many directions and activities at once that she cannot finish or follow through on all of them. She needs variety, change and intellectual challenges.

Shanna Ferrigno has a sharp and eager mind, and she enjoys games and competitions with an intellectual challenge. Shanna likes to match wits with others.

Ferrigno often achieves her desires through her verbal skill and her ability to speak out clearly and convincingly for what she wants. Her drive and energy are more intellectual than physical. Shanna Ferrigno uses her wit, intelligence, communication skills, social sophistication and awareness to achieve her goals.

Shanna Ferrigno often buys things on impulse and she can be reckless with her material resources and money. Shanna has certain possessions that she is extremely attached to and possessive of.

She abounds with self-confidence and vitality and Shanna Ferrigno believes she can do just about anything she wants to. Shanna has an enterprising spirit, a good sense of timing and the ability to sense what will succeed and what will not. Ferrigno usually makes fortunate work or business decisions. She enjoys healthy competition and has a rather playful, good-humored attitude toward it. Shanna Ferrigno mostly competes with herself to see how far she can go or how much she can accomplish. Shanna likes to keep stretching her limits.

Although enterprising and proactive, Shanna Ferrigno is also capable of ample much self-discipline, patience and effort. She may swing from confidence and trust in the future to pessimism and doubt, when it comes to achieving her aims in life.

Shanna Ferrigno has the gift of endurance and perseverance, as well as the willingness to work hard to achieve her objectives. Once she decides she wants something or makes a commitment, Shanna Ferrigno will do it "even if it takes forever". Self-discipline comes naturally to Shanna and she instinctively realizes that any creative achievement is "10% inspiration, 90% perspiration". Ferrigno chooses practical, realistic goals and pursues them step-by-step in a well-planned, orderly fashion. Shanna Ferrigno likes to concentrate on one thing at a time and she does a thorough job. She enjoys working in solitude, and often feels she does her best work when she is alone.

Shanna Ferrigno puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is very industrious and usually acts according the way she feels. Shanna Ferrigno learns through her emotions and it is important that she trust her feelings and her hunches.

Shanna Ferrigno has a desire to accomplish projects with others for the good of all. Shanna could form associations or groups of people where she can further the pursuit of mutual objectives. Her achievements are likely to generate prestige for Ferrigno.

Her ambition and/or role in life involve communication, message-carrying, writing or speaking, languages, or being an intermediary. Sometimes Shanna Ferrigno is apt to feels that she has to work harder than others to get the word out or receive public recognition. "Work smarter, not harder" should be her motto.

Her desire for a beautiful home, a comfortable, pleasing lifestyle, and time to relax and enjoy herself may well be the motivation for going out into the world and trying to achieve outward success. Shanna Ferrigno may seesaw at times between her professional drives and desire for status, and the appeal of a rich personal life and home comforts.

Shanna Ferrigno perseveres through numerous obstacles, frustrations, delays, and setbacks in order to attain her ambitions in life. Sometimes it may feel as if she is pushing a boulder uphill. Shanna Ferrigno should try to avoid bitterness or comparing her lot to others', as these could weaken her resolve.

Her profession is apt to be related to children, women, consulting, nourishing, or to the use of her nurturing, emotional, childlike qualities in appealing to the public in some way. Shanna Ferrigno does well in any business that involves responding to people's emotional needs and tastes.

Ferrigno can be rather antagonistic toward those in authority. Even without realizing it, she may convey this attitude and she may well be threatening to those in power. Thus, however well-meaning Shanna Ferrigno is, she may find her initiatives or projects meet with little favor. Working independently might be Shanna's best option.

Shanna Ferrigno has a sense of beauty and a good understanding of art. She enjoys beautiful things and has the ability to put her feelings into words. There is a light-hearted way about Shanna Ferrigno, and she has a tendency to emulate the momentary ideals of beauty.

Shanna Ferrigno has a strong desire to acquire wealth and may have the good fortune to live in affluent circumstances. Her pleasant and harmonious personality makes Shanna very popular, and she will probably have a large circle of friends.

Shanna Ferrigno tends to be somewhat pessimistic and may frequently feel frustrated and depressed. Others may try to hold Shanna back in the attainment of her objectives, and success may come to her slowly but steady.

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