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Jonathan Richman
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Areas Where Jonathan Richman is Creative, Unique, Unstable, or Compulsive

Richman's life is characterized by sudden disruptions and events which change the direction of his life quite unexpectedly. He may be impatient and reckless at certain times, impulsively acting out his urge for new life and change. Jonathan Richman is an emotionally complex person and he is capable of intense, unexpected outbursts of feelings and desires.

If Jonathan Richman shares material assets and resources with another person (as in a marriage or business partnership), his fortunes are likely to fluctuate wildly or change quickly for better or worse.

He is idealistic in his social and political outlook, and his ideals may impel Jonathan to join clubs, organizations, communities of like-minded people, or groups that share his vision and his concerns.

Jonathan has strong philosophical views and there are times in his life when Richman passionately crusades for a cause that he deem noble and of utmost importance. Although his intentions are good, Jonathan Richman is not as objective as he thinks he is, and his views are more colored by personal experiences and concerns than he realizes. Nevertheless, Jonathan can also be instrumental in bringing about positive change if he can avoid being dogmatic. Also, Jonathan Richman may radically change or revise his own personal beliefs - even his most cherished convictions - many times during his life.

Jonathan Richman has a great need to make changes in his life and to break away from circumstances that hold him back. He is not likely to be very patient and feels that he knows what is best. Jonathan Richman tends to force himself to work until physical exhaustion.

Jonathan Richman has a restless spirit and could be a revolutionist or rebel. His total disregard for convention may cause him to be very rebellious, going his own way without regard for what others say or think. Jonathan Richman could also be prone to suffer inner conflicts.

Richman will probably have to work hard on learning to control his temper. Although Jonathan Richman has great endurance, his objectives could become fanatical and obsessive. Jonathan must try to express his energy positively, otherwise he may become cruel, brutal and sadistic.

In his desire to get ahead in life quickly, Richman tends to act without sufficient forethought. This could bring unexpected set-backs, making him angry and irritable. Jonathan Richman also tends to have a quick temper and could be subject to violent actions.

He is very imaginative and well inspired, but Jonathan Richman has a tendency to think that nothing can defeat him. Richman may take foolish risks by misleading or deceiving other people with schemes that he knows to be dishonest.

Richman tends to have less freedom of movement than other people because of the pressure and need to get things done in his surroundings. Not very assertive in protecting his own interests, Jonathan Richman may attract people who take advantage of him.

Jonathan Richman has a strong desire to become a person of influence and power and he resents being dependent on anyone. It is likely that Richman will constantly have to deal with compulsive behavior; he always seems to be on duty, unable to disconnect from his work.

His amorous feelings are likely to be very intense and Jonathan tends to prove his love for someone through exaggerated gestures. Jonathan Richman feels very powerful and irreplaceable and has a tendency to become obsessed by someone or to force Richman's partner to love him.

Jonathan has great intellectual ability, but he can also be stubborn, fanatic and emotionally tense. He is restless, touchy and impulsive, and has a craving for sensation. Somewhat self-willed, Jonathan Richman possesses great strength and endurance to further his goals.

He is likely to experience unusually strong tension in his love relationships. Jonathan Richman may frequently feel threatened or hostile towards his loved ones and he has to guard against being unreasonably jealous.

Daring and adventurous, Jonathan Richman rushes in where others fear to tread and are willing to take on any challenge. Jonathan does not mind quarreling or arguing with people and has a strong desire to dominate his surroundings and relationships.

Jonathan Richman tends to rebel against the circumstances in his life and may apply an extraordinary effort toward overcoming difficulties. Provocative behavior from others often could cause Richman to take a strong stand, but Jonathan should beware of exposing himself to brutal or violent actions.

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Pluto Conjunct Mars/Asc.

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