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drive and ambition

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Sitwell is proud and ambitious and she strives to excel, stand out and be recognized for who and what she is. Edith Sitwell has a very dominant ego and likes to be Number One. Edith finds it difficult to take orders from others or to stay in the background, and she hates being wrong; Edith Sitwell always insists that she is right!

She is forceful, strong, energetic, determined and highly competitive. Edith Sitwell plays hard, plays to win and does not give up easily. In fact, she sees life as a competitive sport or performance. Edith loves admiration and applause, and she has a strong sense of personal honor and integrity. Edith Sitwell tends to be very self-confident, even arrogant. Because of her self-confidence, Edith is able to accomplish a great deal, but if her confidence is ever undermined, Edith Sitwell becomes self-conscious, defensive and rather belligerent.

Edith Sitwell encounters numerous challenges and possibly defeats in the pursuit of her goals and desires, and her setbacks often occur because Edith has been too rash or intent on satisfying her own will regardless of the impact on others. Edith Sitwell is intense and passionate, and simply does not know when to stop sometimes! Recklessness with others can be a problem for Sitwell.

She is enterprising, ambitious and has a strong desire to succeed in a big way. Forever on the lookout for new opportunities and promising new ventures, Edith Sitwell is willing to take risks if she senses a winner. No matter how much Edith accomplishes, she never seems to be completely satisfied. Edith Sitwell always feels that she can do more, and sets her sights on another goal. Edith Sitwell feels frustrated in limited circumstances, and she will abandon secure and reasonably successful situations if they do not offer challenges and future growth potential. Sitwell likes to keep stretching her limits, to see how far she can go. Sometimes Sitwell overextends herself or promises more than she can actually achieve, due to an overly optimistic or confident assessment of her own capacities. Edith Sitwell relishes healthy competition and feels that it spurs her on to even greater achievements.

Although enterprising and proactive, Edith Sitwell is also capable of ample much self-discipline, patience and effort. She may swing from confidence and trust in the future to pessimism and doubt, when it comes to achieving her aims in life.

She is very serious about attaining her goals and feels that keeping her nose to the grindstone is the only way to do it. It is by working hard, keeping up her efforts and focusing on a single objective that Edith Sitwell achieves her aims in life. Edith exercises great self-control, even self-denial, in order to accomplish what she desires. She meets obstacles stoically and struggles patiently through difficult circumstances. Edith Sitwell feels that she must rely on herself alone and that she must shoulder all of the responsibility. She can be a harsh disciplinarian, expecting far too much of herself and others. Edith often holds herself back, doubting her own power and ability. She may feel that she meets great resistance whenever she tries to assert herself or take initiative, which is very frustrating to Sitwell. However, Edith Sitwell has the power to endure and a dogged determination to overcome all obstacles.

Although she is patient and steady when pursuing an objective, when Edith Sitwell finally loses patience she loses it completely! In addition to having great tenacity and perseverance, Edith has a daring and rebellious side as well:

She enjoys risky, exciting activities and cannot tolerate too much routine, tedium or inactivity. Unless other factors in her chart suggest staying power and the ability to follow through, Edith Sitwell may be the person who initiates a new venture but cannot happily participate in the ongoing, sustained effort it requires. "Independent" is Sitwell's middle name! Edith Sitwell needs to be a totally free agent, to run her own show. Edith likes to introduce new concepts to people, and then move on.

When Edith Sitwell wants something, she can be amazingly persistent and unrelenting - even a bit obsessed - although quiet about it. In fact Edith may even hide her underlying intentions from friends. Whenever she does anything, she does so wholeheartedly and thoroughly - and if Edith Sitwell does not want to do something that others wish her to do, she will somehow find a way out of it. Sitwell is strong, though subtle.

She is optimistic, generous and enterprising, and has an enthusiastic outlook. Edith Sitwell has a strong desire to make something of her and is likely to be successful. Almost any initiative that Sitwell takes will probably work out as she wants it to.

Her nature tends to be rather impatient and combative. Often subjected to circumstances beyond her control, Edith Sitwell frequently feels frustrated and should avoid violent encounters and dangerous activities that could lead to accidents, if she is not careful.

Edith Sitwell has a strong need to gain power and she tends to dominate or manipulate other people. But in her push for success, power struggles could also thwart Sitwell's efforts and she could become the victim of someone else having control over her.

Sitwell is able to do her work and take responsibility for overcoming her own problems and challenges in life, while at the same time being open to spiritual comfort, aid and guidance. A good balance between being well grounded and being receptive to spirit or the inner world works in Edith's favor. Enjoying simplicity and cultivating peace enables Edith Sitwell to evolve and work through her challenges.

She is capable of overcoming tremendous odds, and of enormous self-discipline and focus. When Edith Sitwell sets her sights on achieving something or is presented with a thorny challenge, it is her capacity for streamlining, making do with very little and sailing through tough times that enables Edith Sitwell to ultimately triumph.

Sitwell achieves her objectives and ambitions in life through her personal charm, attractiveness and ability to please others visually and/or emotionally. A career in the arts or entertainment world is possible for Edith Sitwell. Anything involving sales or promotion, particularly of beautiful or luxurious items, is an area she can flourish in. Vanity or indiscretions in relationships could lead Edith Sitwell to her downfall.

Her aspirations in life are likely to be quite unusual, extraordinary or ahead of their time. Edith Sitwell is a nonconformist who insists on doing things her own way and follows a zigzag path toward her ambitions.

Rebelling against authority seems to be one aspect of her life's plan. Edith Sitwell simply cannot force herself into a pre-cast mold of any kind.

Edith Sitwell possesses great zeal and passion for achieving her aspirations in life, and can be something of a fanatic when she sets her sights on a goal. Edith could do research work, psychological investigation, even detective work - anything that involves delving beneath the surface for hidden elements. A great love of mystery and exploring the unknown fuels many of Edith's personal ambitions.

Her profession could involve physical strength and prowess, such as athletics, fire fighting, law enforcement or the military. Edith Sitwell would never be happy in a quiet, sit-down job. Vigorous competition and strenuous work are undoubtedly key components of what Edith Sitwell does as well as of how she achieves her long-range goals.

Often Edith Sitwell feels like she is being pulled in two directions - what she needs to do to fulfill her long-range ambitions, and what she actually feels like doing. This may make it difficult for Edith to be constant and consistent in pursuing goals, career aims, etc.

Relationships with women, trying to satisfy family needs, or other emotional attachments sometimes also conflict. Often Edith Sitwell has to decide on one or another at a given time, rather than try to have both.

Her public image is important to Edith Sitwell and she comes across in a confident way. She is very ambitious, strives for material gains and aims for wealth and possessions. Sitwell will achieve much popularity because of her harmonious and happy demeanor.

She enjoys life, is original and likes to be admired. Edith Sitwell loves to go out and is always looking for new social contacts and relationships. It does not take Sitwell long to like someone and she is likely to have many adventurous love affairs.

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