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Barbra Streisand
mental interests and abilities

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Her mind operates in a very deliberate and methodical manner and Barbra Streisand dislikes being rushed or forced to give an opinion before she has thoroughly ruminated and digested an idea. She is also difficult to influence once her mind is made up.

Though slower to grasp new concepts or learn new skills, she is patient and persevering and, in fact, often becomes quite adept at whatever she puts her mind and hand to, for she is willing to devote much time and attention to it. Barbra Streisand succeeds not so much because of her mental brilliance, but because she has the ability to concentrate and follow a project through to its completion. Barbra has an aptitude for singing or drawing.

She is quite verbal and communicative and eager to get her own ideas and opinions across to others. Barbra Streisand says what is on her mind. Others see Streisand as a lively, intelligent person, and perhaps something of a chatterbox at times.

She is not interested in subjects that are wholly abstract or technical. There must be a personal, human element to evoke Streisand's interest. Her interest is people and their inner motivations, feelings, personal lives, and experiences. Barbra Streisand is a natural listener with a talent for getting others to talk about their lives, relationships, dreams, desires - the things that are personally meaningful to them. Streisand could also be an excellent writer, reporter, or biographer.

Barbra Streisand has a particular interest in the past. She is concerned either with personal history (childhood and early family experiences, genealogy, etc.) or with the roots and origins of societies (archeology, mythology, history, etc.).

Barbra Streisand is nostalgic and she loves to hear others' life stories and to discuss her own experiences and feelings. Barbra likes to read biographies and memoirs, and she probably keeps a diary or journal yourself. Barbra Streisand also has the ability to be a successful public speaker.

Never satisfied with the face value of anything, Streisand is always probing beneath the surface for deeper reasons and hidden motives - though she rarely reveals her own. Barbra Streisand has a very suspicious, even paranoid, side. Her mind is penetrating and deep and Barbra Streisand has an aptitude for research, investigative reporting, or private investigation. She is keenly interested in the deeper aspects of the human psyche, with a sort of "x-ray vision" regarding the inner motivations and intentions of others. She is drawn to anything secret, hidden, or mysterious, and may pursue esoteric or occult studies. Streisand is also a forceful and convincing speaker or writer, with the ability to influence people's thinking by the sheer power of her conviction.

Her thinking is influenced by the way Barbra Streisand feels about love and she tends to speak freely about love relationships and sexual matters. A very good articulator, Streisand has the ability to play with words and could do well as a writer of love stories.

Her aspirations seem to be geared toward intellectual and spiritual lines and Streisand tends to base her friendships and other relationships on mutual inner understanding. Barbra Streisand shares her thoughts and plans mostly with people who have the same interests that she has.

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