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Rose Kennedy
originality and imagination

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Areas Where Rose Kennedy is Creative, Unique, Unstable, or Compulsive

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy needs a lot of freedom in her close one-to-one relationships and she may experiment with nontraditional forms of relationships. When it comes to marriage or personal relationships Rose Kennedy rebels against conventions and restrictions, and she is likely to choose a highly unusual, eccentric, or unconventional partner.

She may have a great deal of confusion over money, financial matters, and ownership. Perhaps these things mean very little to Rose. Or possibly Rose Kennedy simply does not know how to deal with them in a realistic, effective way.

Also, Rose Kennedy may make her living through artistic, musical, or highly imaginative endeavors.

She is likely to have a fixation on money, wealth, and material resources. Rose Kennedy may totally renounce material desires and ownership, or become obsessed with having, owning, and accumulating. Rose's attitudes towards owning, keeping, and sharing will undergo major changes in her lifetime, and her fortunes are likely to run very hot or very cold.

She is very idealistic and tends to abandon her hopes too easily. Not very realistic in her undertakings, Rose Kennedy is inclined to be a bit wasteful and she may also take risks by gambling. Rose may confuse her wishes with reality and act according to her wishes.

Rose Kennedy feels most comfortable in grandiose surrounding and is likely to seek relationships with rich people. Rose seems to have an extraordinary and unusual desire for possessions and wealth, and she strives to attain success, excellence or preeminence in some way.

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