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Lillian Hellman
drive and ambition

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Lillian Hellman is extremely strong-willed and she pursues her goals and desires with passionate dedication and determination. She is capable of total concentration and tremendous discipline, and she is very difficult to influence or sway once her mind is made up. When Lillian Hellman wants something, Hellman can be very one-sided and almost obsessed with it. She is very instinctive and does not always consciously know why she feels as strongly and deeply as she does.

She also tends to be secretive and unwilling to reveal her aims and intentions, and the intensity of her will and desire may not initially be apparent to others. However, Hellman is very forceful in a quiet and subtle way. Lillian Hellman often manipulates or forces her will upon other people, without being overtly aggressive. She is not interested in confrontation but she is a formidable foe if she encounters opposition or aggression. Lillian is courageous and has a rather primitive, raw side as well.

Lillian Hellman often buys things on impulse and she can be reckless with her material resources and money. Lillian has certain possessions that she is extremely attached to and possessive of.

Hellman dreams up creative solutions to problems and takes an imaginative, unusual approach to getting a job done. When difficulties arise, Lillian Hellman prefers to avoid conflict and confrontation in favor of more peaceful or subtle methods of resolving problems. Hellman finds it satisfying to work in order to help others or for a cause that transcends her own narrow, personal interests. Lillian Hellman has an artistic flair and appreciates the colorful, unique or strange.

She is very sensitive to the inner qualities of sincerity, honesty, integrity and good will. Lillian Hellman notices these qualities (or the lack thereof) more quickly than others and brings them up frequently. She is philosophical about life and very perceptive, but may have an exaggerated sense of her own wisdom and depth of understanding of religious, metaphysical, artistic, or intuitive subjects.

In meeting her challenges and difficulties in life, Lillian Hellman does have allies: her ability to tolerate tension and ambivalence, her ability to compromise, and a capacity to endure discomfort. Remaining steady in the midst of crisis or sudden change is an aspect of this, as well as knowing when to wait and when to make necessary changes. Lillian's timing is usually good.

Positions of honor, affluence, influence, and stature in her community can be hers. Lillian Hellman feels she has a destiny which involves leadership or distinguishing herself in some line of endeavor. Lillian possesses an innate sense of greatness or importance, and a strong drive to achieve recognition for her talent. Lillian Hellman should avoid excessive egotism and arrogant pride, for these could limit her opportunities.

Language, words, communication, networking, clarity of speech or writing, being a messenger or go-between - these are key features in her career, as well as how Lillian Hellman goes about achieving her goals and ambitions. "Work smarter, not harder" is Hellman's mot