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Josh Homme

P.J. Harvey [P]

Dave Grohl [P]

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Josh Homme
growth and expansion

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Josh's strength lies in his ability to be innovative, open to new progressive concepts, as well as willing to experiment and to reject customs and traditions when they cease to serve any positive function in the present. Also, Josh Homme has an expansive view of the world, one that includes humanity and not only his own small, personal circle.

Josh Homme has a positive and constructive attitude toward work and what other people might consider drudgery. He enjoys helping people improve their lives, and the more service Josh renders, the more benefits and rewards he derives as a result. Promoting health in some form is a very good venue for Homme.

Josh Homme has a sense of rhythm and may be partial to dance, ballet or musical performances. Also very receptive to art, Josh may enjoy working in some creative art form. Constantly exposed to new ideas and techniques, he could achieve great artistic success.

Josh Homme is extremely modest and prefers a plain and simple life. Josh has a great tolerance of others and a tendency to sacrifice himself in his relationships. But Josh Homme could become carried away by some religious, metaphysical or social ideas.

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Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in 6th house

Jupiter Opposition Venus/Uranus

Jupiter Opposition Saturn/Pluto


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