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Desmond Howard
drive and ambition

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He is a "busy bee" - energetic, restless, and forever on the go. His active mind is always buzzing with ideas and Desmond sometimes finds it difficult to relax, slow down or take the time to reflect and regroup. Desmond Howard tends to live on nervous energy. He can accomplish a great deal in short bursts, but projects that require long-term commitment, stamina and steady, persistent effort are not easy for Howard. Desmond Howard often scatters his energies into so many directions and activities at once that he cannot finish or follow through on all of them. He needs variety, change and intellectual challenges.

Desmond Howard has a sharp and eager mind, and he enjoys games and competitions with an intellectual challenge. Desmond likes to match wits with others.

Howard often achieves his desires through his verbal skill and his ability to speak out clearly and convincingly for what he wants. His drive and energy are more intellectual than physical. Desmond Howard uses his wit, intelligence, communication skills, social sophistication and awareness to achieve his goals.

Asserting himself and being direct and forceful about what he wants is often very difficult for Desmond. Though he may have a great deal of energy and drive, Desmond Howard lacks confidence or simply the desire to put himself and his interests first. On the positive side, Howard can be very unselfish, working more for the benefit of others than for himself.

However, Desmond Howard denies his own desires and needs too much, and he is likely to secretly become very angry, which will sabotage his finest efforts.

He is inclined to be a tyrant and wants other people to submit to his wishes. In Desmond's drive to gain power, he could be ruthless and brutal at times. On the other hand, Desmond Howard may have to struggle to resist being placed in someone else's hand and power.

Deep, compelling drives that Desmond Howard does not entirely understand are likely to be the source of his rather extraordinary ambitions. He may find that a drive for dominance, power and control stem from the rather problematic and intense relationship Desmond had with one or both of his parents. If Desmond Howard is willing to delve deeply into his own fears and inner life and clear away much of the conditioning of his earliest years, he will indeed discover tremendous inner resources which can be used to fuel his rise in the world.

Desmond Howard tends to want to take the easy road to success, and unless other factors in his chart suggest a capacity for effort or a lot of energy, laziness could interfere with achieving whatever ambitions Howard has. He tends to gain his objectives through his personal charm and appeal. Desmond Howard also possesses a fine aesthetic sense which could be a prominent factor in his career.

Desmond Howard has a spiritual gift or vocation that colors his personal ambitions and drive for achievement. Helping people or serving the Whole is part of his role in life. Music, the arts, entertainment, and/or imagery, visualization or imagination may all be aspects of Desmond's endeavor in the world.

In his professional life, Desmond Howard is likely to earn a great deal of recognition and success. Early on in his career, prominent and influential people in his field are apt to notice Desmond and help him along. At some point, he himself is likely to be quite