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Parker either overvalues or undervalues his possessions and assets. He can also go to extremes in dealing with bodily needs and desires, being either hedonistic or ascetic. Craig Parker may deny himself sensual pleasure and enjoyment of the fruits of his labors. He may also be stingy and unable to give freely. Many times Craig Parker feels that he does not have "enough" to make him feel secure, regardless of how much (money, insurance, etc.) he has!

He is serious by nature, and may have difficulty making small talk or participating in friendly, personal exchanges.

Craig Parker tries to be strictly accurate and is critical of people who exaggerate or discuss subjects they really know little about. Parker withholds his thoughts and opinions until he has thought everything through quite thoroughly, and sometimes Craig's silence discomforts others.

His mental concentration is very good but his breadth of understanding may not be.

Craig Parker tends to seesaw between hope, optimism and faith versus doubt and oppression due to limitations and practical realities. He needs to overcome impatience and restlessness in order to achieve his dreams and desires for a better life.

Craig Parker tends to be emotionally shy, sensitive and awkward and may have difficulty expressing his true feelings, even when his affection is real. One of Parker's parents may have been too strict and unloving, and as a result, Craig may fear close relationships.

He is inclined to be somewhat timid and afraid to start something on his own, preferring that someone else tell him what to do. Craig Parker can easily be deterred from pursuing his goals, which makes his advancement in life rather slow.

His outlook on life is inclined to be somewhat negative and Craig Parker tries to avoid relationships and social interaction as much as possible. There is a morose side to Craig's nature that makes him feel that no one cares about him, that life is difficult and perhaps not even worthwhile.

He is quite cool and reserved in matters of love relationships and tends to hold back his inclination for love. Somewhat inhibited with regard to relationships, Craig Parker is inclined to feel that he is better off staying by himself.

Although Craig Parker is generally happy, at times he could become somewhat inhibited and because of this, he may occasionally let good opportunities slip by. Although he is interested in people, Parker also tends to periodically seek seclusion.

Now we will discuss patterns of behavior which Craig Parker instinctively and habitually reverts to when under stress - a mostly subconscious process that he is apt to over indulge in because it is so familiar and hence easy for him. The direction Craig Parker needs to follow in order to develop balance, greater awareness, and wholeness is also described.

Craig Parker's path lies in cultivating idealism and humanitarian feelings, being concerned with how Parker's actions impact the world at large, perhaps becoming more aware of the social implications of Parker's life style and personal choices or becoming active politically. Participating in organizations that support Parker's ideals is one way to do this.

When under stress he is likely to become overly focused on himself and his own little world.

Instead of "how will this benefit or hurt me?" Parker's focus needs to shift to "how will this affect us all?".

Ideally, Crai